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Pre-Blended Concentrates

These are pre-blended recipes, just add your PG / VG / Nicotine and you good to go. You can add flavours to this mix if you'd like that something extra to go along with it. We recommend steeping this for a while to get a better experience.

Usage Ratio:
Mix 1.9ml unflavoured base liquid with 0.1ml flavouring (5%), shake then vape.
That will give you a benchmark so you can then use more or less flavouring to
reach the perfect level for you and your equipment. When sampling, try as many
settings as possible on your device, power, temperature, airflow, to find the sweet spot.
When you are happy, make notes of quantities and settings for future reference.

**Sold in original supplier bottles.

These are concentrates and need to be mixed with a base before use.



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